Our History

For us, having larger families there were always significant messes around the house, so our families were always looking for those magic solutions that helped clean up these challenging situations.

We started out simply making or combining products from off the shelf items to resolve most messes. This evolved into combining items that would work creating more practical and functional cleaners.

We began to recognize these products helped created a cleanlier, healthier environment in our homes. Whether we were scouring the house, scrubbing a bathroom, cleaning our cars, or helping friends maintain their pool, we always experimented and evaluated products that would work best. This gave us the confidence to develop our own products with one goal in mind, to be simple yet effective getting you the best results without all the marketing and packaging “fluff” built into the price.

We decided to launch the collective effort of this vision, our collaboration is the Simple Design Group cleaning products. Our products are designed to be ergonomically friendly, functionally efficient, with a focus to utilizing greener products where possible. Our packaging is kept to a minimum, which gives more value through our actual product offering.   Our ideas are developed, and materials are all fabricated in the USA.

Here’s to creating a cleaner, healthy environment


Simple Design Group