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Triple Layered Magic Hydro Scrub Sponge (10 Pack)

Triple Layered Magic Hydro Scrub Sponge (10 Pack)

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These sponges have it all! The yellow middle section holds your cleaning solution. The advanced black DynaScrub layer is tough on any grime in your home. On the flip side, the white melamine layer erases even the deepest of stains- like magic!

Durable & Long Lasting: Our melamine sponges will last longer than any other eraser sponge on the market. The multi-layered material anchors the melamine and prevents it from flaking away when you’re scrubbing grime, grease and stains. Screen reader support enabled. 

Good for cleaning any surface in the home, inside and out, with stubborn grime, grease and scuffs.

Materials: Made with charcoal dynascrub, yellow hydrophilic foam created from recycled water and soda bottles, and white melamine material.

Dimensions: 4.5 x 2.4in

Care information

Rinse with water and store to dry when done.

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